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23.09 20124

Article Marketing: Does it still work after Google updates?

By: Jayson Categories:Uncategorized

Now, there is a lot of discussion about article marketing and recent Google algorithm changes, like Panda and Penguin. While after those changes, some sites like ezinearticles has seen a drop in the traffic, some of the authors submitting articles to them, report no drops in their traffic from articles. What's really happening here?  

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21.09 20123

How to do niche market research the proper way

If you are new to Internet Marketing, one of the first things you should do is to find and research a niche. A niche is simply a market with similar desires and problems. If you understand a group of people, what do they want, what do they fear, what keeps them awake at night, what are their deepest, strongest desires, better than anyone else, you can also fulfill their needs better than anyone else. At least, you can connect to them better, and when you can connect their emotions, you can build a relationship and trust between you and this market. And when you do that, you have a following, and they will follow you when you promote them a product, they will buy, and you will profit.  

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19.09 20120

What is a marketing funnel, and why do you need one?

Marketing funnel is a term used by marketers to describe a system that provides many opportunities to sell different products to a prospective client. You can offer your prospective clients a free report as an incentive for them to opt-in to your list. Then, to your subscribers, lets say you sell a low-priced e-book, for $47. Then to the buyers of the e-book, you sell a $197 course with videos and access to a membership site with a forum. Then you further sell buyers of that course, a group coaching program for 3 months with weekly webinars and Q&A sessions for $1997. And to some of the buyers of group coaching, you sell one-on-one coaching for $10,000 limited to only 10 people.  

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19.09 20122

How To Build A Relationship With Your Subscribers

By: Jayson Categories:Email Marketing, Tips

One part of the email marketing equation is getting the subscribers, filling an op-in form and giving you the permission to send them email. Another one is building a relationship with them, getting them to know, like, and trust you.  

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