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Article Marketing: Does it still work after Google updates?

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Now, there is a lot of discussion about article marketing and recent Google algorithm changes, like Panda and Penguin. While after those changes, some sites like ezinearticles has seen a drop in the traffic, some of the authors submitting articles to them, report no drops in their traffic from articles. What’s really happening here?

I think there is a major difference between how article marketing is done by different people. Article marketing, when done right, can be a valuable part of building your authority and credibility. But some of the marketers on the scene, wanted to abuse it. And by abuse I mean they have put articles that are spun from private label right articles which offered no valuable advice or information. Some of which did not even make sense to the end reader. When articles are automatically spun to “create” new content, sometimes it chooses the wrong words for the context, and becomes meaningless.

So, there is a difference between high quality content that is based on an expert author’s personal experience, and spun articles which do not make sense and offer no value to the reader.

Now, for Google and other computers to detect the quality difference in articles is hard. I mean, they do not have people to judge the quality of all the content published on the web. That is an enormous task. Every day, the amount of new content published is huge. So have to rely on some kind of automation, some kind of computer program to judge the quality of content.

And all the spinning and mass submitting programs, and people using them, rely on somehow tricking Google into thinking that their spun articles are as valuable as an original author’s articles.

Now, this kind of “tricking Google” approach might work, for some time, until Google figures out what is going on and updates their algorithms accordingly. Then you discover something strange: One high quality article that the readers actually find value in, is more valuable than 1000 spun articles submitted to 1000 directories.

So there is a right way and wrong way to go with article marketing. If you want to position yourself as an expert, add credibility to your name, write and publish high quality, original content that your readers will benefit from. If you want to “exploit” some Google algorithm, then go with all the black hat tricks and software and tools, but do not be surprised if after a Google change, your methods stop working.

Bottom line is, Google is trying to provide the best experience for its users, people who are searching for information online. If you add to the end user experience, you will benefit from it. If you try to trick Google into accepting worthless content as good content, your trick my work for a while, but sooner or later it will stop working.

4 Comments for "Article Marketing: Does it still work after Google updates?"

  1. louretta September 27, 2012

    please explain to me about blog etc…. everybody on emails talked about blog. i dont have clue what is it and how it work etc. can you help?

    • Jayson September 28, 2012

      This is a blog. Check out and that should explain to you what a blog is.

  2. Norm Abbott September 27, 2012

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  3. Brian Jeffries March 29, 2013

    I can relate to the comment about blogs, I’m starting to understand them after a year. Info. overload is a tough one. I’m like a dog that loves to fetch balls at center court in a tennis match. I’ve grasped the concept and have enough software and material to start a school I just have trouble piecing it all together. Now it’s become a matter of succeeding as much as it is about money. I’ll make it.

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