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Hot Tub Tuesday!

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  1. Ralph April 30, 2013

    Most of the time I turn off this junk because after you spent your time, you find that you did not get anything of value just some sale pitch that you could have read in 10 sec.. But I think that yours will be different, because you are not trying to sell anything, and you are asking for us to tell you want we would like to you talk about. Great Idea!! I hope other take the time to listen to what you have to say on Hot Tub Tuesdays.

    • Jayson April 30, 2013

      I appreciate the comments. Let me know if there is anything you would like information on in the next episode.

  2. antonio duncan April 30, 2013

    estoy muy contento de todo lo que asen por mi espero a ser lo mismo con mi gente ayudarlo para que salgan adelante. gracias.

  3. JP Bailey, MA May 1, 2013

    Good idea…but it would work better if you were a girl, LOL, just messing with you Jayson!

    Do you track your buyers to see any other specific numbers of when they buy down the line?

    Thanks! =)

    • Jayson May 1, 2013

      I told my “better half” she should be in the hot tub with me, but she doesn’t like to be filmed. She looks MUCH better then I do. Yes I do track, but to be 100% honest, I could be tracking much better.

  4. Kimberly Castleberry May 1, 2013

    We wanna know when you’re throwing a party and sharing that hot tub!

    • Jayson May 1, 2013

      Party at Jay’s house… BYOB!
      Some day I will be putting together an event close to the house just to network and give back to everybody that has been following me.

  5. tony May 1, 2013

    Good Idea! What we all should do. Look forward to more!

    Strange?.. I suddenly feel like having a shower!

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