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How To Build A Relationship With Your Subscribers

By: Jayson Categories:Email Marketing, Tips

One part of the email marketing equation is getting the subscribers, filling an op-in form and giving you the permission to send them email. Another one is building a relationship with them, getting them to know, like, and trust you.

In fact, that might be the most important part of your email marketing strategy. Everyone says that “money is in the list”, which is partly true. However, if you can say “money is in your relationship with your list” it is even more true.

And this will effect your open rates, click-through rates, sales conversion rates, and therefore, bank account. It has been said that, in Internet Marketing circles, for each person on your list, you can earn $0.50-$1.00 per month. So you can expect to earn $500-$1000 per month, with a list of 1000 people. But there are also other people, who can earn, $5, $10, or even $100 per subscriber. So what is the secret? How do they do it?

They build a list of more qualified people. There are freebie seekers, and then there are buyers. A buyer’s list is 10 times more valuable than a “freebie seekers” list. And even among buyers, there are buyers with different budgets. There are buyers of short $7 reports, $47 ebooks, $197 courses, and then $1997 high priced coaching program. If you have a list of 1000 buyers of a $1997 coaching program, of it would be more profitable than 1000 freebie seekers.
They build a better relationship with their subscriber base. They do not burn them out with 5 different free offers a day (as some people who are trying to build their list with ad swaps do). They do not bombard their email list unrelated product offers, all of them using high-pressure sales tactics (you definitely need to buy this, you cannot do without this online, go and buy this now!…). Instead, they give free valuable information first. If they promote a product, they make sure it is a high quality product that will help their subscribers. Instead of bombarding them with 10 different offers in 10 days, they promote one single high quality product in 10 days, explaining 10 different ways this product will help them.

You see, building a relationship takes time. You do not ask a girl to marry you on your first date. Maybe you meet up for a coffee. Maybe then a dinner and a movie. Maybe next date drinks and dance. Making a sale is like that too. Basically, you are asking them to spend money, by trusting your advice, your judgment. This takes a lot of trust. Give before you ask to receive. Give them more value than they expected in your freely available material. And then when you ask for the sale, refer them to a product, they will feel they like, know and trust you enough to listen to your advice.

In a way, you are becoming a leader of your subscribers. You are positioning your self as an authority in your chosen field and telling them “trust me, I am expert on this topic, I know what is best for you”. You should gain this trust. And really deserve this trust. In a time that everyone is selling everyone else everything they can sell, trust is the highest priced, hardest to gain value. And as hard as it is to gain, it is very easy to lose in an instant. Just one promotion of a low-quality product, and your subscriber feels you value the commissions you will gain by making one more sale more than your relationship with him, and he will unsubscribe.

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  1. Steve Hapner September 19, 2012

    Easier said than done Jayson believe me I no

    • Jayson September 19, 2012

      I understand what you are saying. Although just think about how you want to be treated as a customer. Would you rather have someone you just met force feed you offers everyday? OR would you rather that person give you good information that you learn from, then once they have a recommendation you buy from them.

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