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How To Make Google Your Friend Instead Of Your Enemy

Whenever Google makes major updates to its ranking algorithms, some people lose business. What was in the #1 position in Google search results yesterday, can be on page #11 tomorrow. And you will see a bunch of people complaining about all these changes. What is really happening there? What is Google trying to accomplish?
How To Make Google Your Friend

What is the way to make Google your friend and if you are doing any Search Engine Optimization, how can you make sure that, even after another Google update (like Panda and Penguin updates), your search engine rankings will remain the same, or even get better?

The first thing to understand is, Google is doing its best to provide the best search results that it can generate for its end users, people who are doing the searches on Google. All of their business depends on making their searchers happy with the results. If Google cannot serve the people doing searches online, relevant, useful, valuable results that they want, Google will be out of business soon.

So the number one thing you need to keep in mind is: When you create content, make sure the content you publish online is high quality content that your potential clients will find valuable, and interesting. This alone can be your best SEO strategy. What happens when you create high quality content that your users consider valuable, useful, and helpful? Great things happen automatically. People create links back to your content, because they like them, they think it is good enough to share. They share your content on their Facebook and twitter accounts. They talk about it on their blogs. And all without you lifting a finger.

Most of these processes are emulated by “SEO tools” and software. You can use software to create many profiles at the push of a button. You can use SEO programs to submit your articles to 1000 different article directories at the push of a button. You can generate 10000 forum profile links linking to your web site in less than a day. You can spin one article to create 100’s of new “spun” articles from that “seed article” and publish at different web 2.0 sites, like blogger, tumbler, hubpages etc.

Now, while these tools are powerful tools, there is a right way and a wrong way to use them. For example if you do “spinning” a bit too much, you might end up with articles that make no sense to a real human being reading it. It might still include your targeted keywords or links back to your site, but if an end user does not find value reading it, sooner or later, Google will find a way to eliminate them from the top of the results.

But you can still spin an article, and then at least read and correct the article, and then submit it as a good quality, unique article to different places online, and it still provides value to the reader. It takes a bit more work and effort to ensure each spun article is of good quality, but it makes a very important difference in the end results.

To summarize my point of view;

1)Think about the end user viewing your content first. Make sure you provide value with everything you do online.

2)Only use automation tools to increase your productivity, as time saving devices. Never let them spit out junk content, thinking 1000’s of low quality backlinks will improve your results somehow. Even if you achieve short-term gains, your whole business can be wiped out in a single day by a new Google update.

Help Google by providing quality content that web searchers will find useful, and Google will be your best friend. Try to trick Google to giving you high rankings without providing value to web searchers, sooner or later Google will figure out what you are doing and will update their algorithms accordingly, and you will be out of business.

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