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What is Ad Swapping and Why Should I Ad Swap?

By: Jayson Categories:Email Marketing

What Is Ad Swapping?

Ad swapping is becoming well-liked in this new trends of internet marketing for the reason that it really WORKS. It’s one of the greatest approaches to construct a list and it hardly takes any time to do.

This can be basically performed to acquire web-site exposure and lead visitors to one’s web site using the aid in the partner’s site and vice versa. The primary objective of ad swapping is usually to develop your marketplace by acquiring the needed exposure in other web sites, blogs, and newsletters for free of charge.

Why Do Ad Swaps?

Swapping allows you to gain exposure to other targeted markets and taking advantage of the marketing efforts of another person. Ad swapping is normally a free way to generate your traffic and build your email list quickly.

Safe-Swaps automates the majority of the tedious functions involved with ad swapping, like acquiring partners, setting up mailing dates, sending the ad copy, tracking the results, and so on.

They offer you the capacity to search and discover other ad swapping partners and supports / handles the complete ad swapping approach. All communication and data is stored in an easy to use administrative section, permitting you to readily run your ad swapping campaigns.

How to find Ad Swap Partners?

There are quite a few approaches to locate partners to complete an e-mail ad swap with. One of the most well-liked ways is to browse forums. Use your favorite search engine to locate a list of forums which are associated to your target market. Search for people that are active in building email list, by looking at their signature files or if those that have squeeze page or a blog.

Another method to discover potential partners is to do a search for your major keywords and seek out the people who are paying for targeted traffic.

Set off through the list of web sites you found and looks for the ones which are creating an e-mail list. For those who see a “subscribe to my newsletter”, “get on the notification list”, “enter your email address for far more information” or anything close to that, then you realize that person is actively building an e-mail list and are potential partners.

Ad swapping is a very cost-effective strategy of obtaining targeted traffic. On the other hand, establishing sustainable and dynamic partnerships takes a long time. Communication will be the fundamental to ensure that your partners have an understanding of the advantages of an ad swapping campaign with you. As with any other small business, sustaining your honesty will get you a long way.


9 Comments for "What is Ad Swapping and Why Should I Ad Swap?"

  1. Sandy Halliday January 1, 2012

    Jayson, I think that you have to be careful with ad swapping. You can end up with a lot of subscribers who are only interested in getting free stuff if you swap too often.

    • Jayson January 1, 2012

      We will all end up with users on our email lists that are only looking for the next free product. There are other strategies to use such as building a “buyers List” of individuals that have actually purchased a product from you and then removing them from your other email list(s).

      Another tip is to always go into your email list and purge the subscribers that have not opened or clicked on anything you have sent them. No need in paying an AutoResponder Service for subscribers that are not even opening your emails.

  2. BARTHOLOMEW January 3, 2012

    the only hard part with us more especially in Africa we don’t use credit cards and we find difficult have such opportunities

    • Jayson January 3, 2012

      Look into getting yourself a account. PayPal is basically a standard in marketing and most people will take paypal payments.

  3. patrick chester January 3, 2012


  4. Nijar Sapri January 4, 2012

    from what you explained I conclude that the ad swap is the exchange of subscribers data between internet marketers, right? It’s not fair for subscriber that only to subscribe for A marketer, but he got another email from B as A ad swap partner, in fact they never subscribe to B.

    • Jayson January 4, 2012

      Not at all, you are misunderstanding. Person A advertises person B, and person B advertises person A. Normally the advertisement you send out is going to a free product or service the other party is offering where the person would need to subscribe to their email list to receive.

      Example : If you and I both had email lists that consisted of people in the “Biz Opp” niche, you may have a free product to give away to teach them how to marketing on facebook and I may have a free product on Article Marketing. I would send an email to my list advertising your facebook product, where they would have to subscribe on your email list to receive, and you would advertise my Article Marketing product to your list where they would have to subscribe to my newsletter to receive my free product.

  5. Laud January 4, 2012

    Hi Jayson,

    As an Internet Marketer, any system, program, tool or product that could bring in or double the sales would be well appreciated. This Adswapping concept is still new to a few Online Marketers and I’m one of them. I have signed up with for sometime now but anytime I logged in, I wouldn’t know where to start from.

    Could you please email me a step-by-step walk through as to how I can start using Ad Swaps.

    • Jayson January 5, 2012

      Laud, if you have a safe-swaps account then login and click on “Help” then “First steps guide”. That should get you going in the right direction. It tells you the exact steps you need to take to get your account setup and ready to do adswaps. They also have an internal forum you can use to post question you may have while you are getting started.

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